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1. Technology Session for Primary Schools (Year 4-6):

Tech-Smart Kidz are offering a free technology session for Primary Schools in Liverpool for Year 4-6 students. In this one-hour session, our instructor will teach students about:

  • History of Technology

  • Why do we invent?

  • Three things required to create Robots

  • Meaning of Artificial Intelligence

  • How to program a Robot (Coding Basics)

  • Time for kids to share their ideas of Robotics

Book Before 15-Feb-2019. Your School can avail this session without being a STEM Ecosystem Member and can decide on membership after the session.

2. Science Workshop:

Measuring the Circumference of Earth using Eratosthenes method. This workshop requires a Sunny day as the method works using the shadow of an object between 11:30AM – 12:30PM. The workshop teaches kids about


  • Eratosthenes Method

  • How human first calculated Earth’s Circumference

  • Geometry and Pythagoras theorem

This session is available on any sunny day between February – October, only for STEM Ecosystem members.

3. Design Thinking Workshop:

Design Thinking is an art of carefully solving the problem, keeping the user needs in mind. In this workshop, we pick up a relevant problem and solve it using design thinking. This is a collaborative workshop for Pupils and teachers to participate and enhances:

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • User Empathy and Accessibility knowledge

  • Structured approach

  • Design Skills

Available Throughout the year – only for STEM Ecosystem Members


4. Secure Yourself on Internet:

A Session for School Staff (Teaching and Admin) to make sure they are safe online. It covers:

  • Data Privacy

  • Cyber Security

  • Cyber Bullying

Available Throughout the year – only for STEM Ecosystem Members

5. Junior Coding Challenge: (May 2019). Free Entry for STEM Ecosystem Members.